Monday, May 23, 2011

Just Another Monday

The Seattle skies are threatening to rain again. It was pretty overcast all weekend and it sure would be nice if the sun decided to grace our presence once again, especially during my lunch hour this afternoon. I'll probably end up at the bagel shop once again, but my imagination cannot come up with any place new.

I have just under one hundred pages left to read in Shame the Devil by George Pelecanos. It would read like a standard mystery/thriller except Pelecanos decided to spend time on the victims' families and how they try and deal with the aftermath of a multiple slaying. It puts a different spin on the way mysteries are usually told. Even though I'm enjoying the Pelecanos, I'm still hoping to finish is tonight, so that I can start yet another book. There's no end.

I saw "Queen to Play" (Joueuse)over the weekend, starring Sandra Bonnaire, and Kevin Kline. It was a refreshing film about a woman finding her own way mid-life. She decides to take up the game of chess, against the better judgement of her family, who at first think she's having an affair. A wonderfully intelligent film about friendships, mentors, and the act of giving.

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