Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grey Skies Once Again

Grey skies have returned once again to remind us all that this is Seattle after all. Seattle, as opposed to say Aruba. I rather be supine on a sandy beach, deeply into a big fat novel. Instead, I'm going in to sell novels to people wealthy enough to go to warm climes at this time of year.

Speaking of novels, I'm nearly finished with Zadie Smith's On Beauty. What a fabulous read. It's the tale of a big messy family, with lots of academia to go around. It's been nice to read two literary novels in a row. I've already pledged to read Howard's End next, because of its connection to Smith's On Beauty. I saw the film years ago, but all I remember is Anthony Hopkin's stolid visage.

* * * *

In other news: Osama Bin Laden was killed last weekend by U.S. special forces. You don't even have to strain your hearing to hear the nutcases on the right claiming conspiracies. Sarah Palin thinks we should shove the pictures of the dead terrorist into the faces of the world as a warning. Maybe instead we should shop Sarah Palin's photo around the world as a warning against becoming an ignorant American? She's certainly not doing us any favors with her own folksy brand of stupidity. She quit college. She resigned as Governor of the least populous state in the union. What a shining example of incompetence. As if the president (or anyone with any sense) would take any advice from the quitter known as Sarah.

I also heard that John McCain has already signed up for the first debate between possible Republican nominees. Shouldn't his debate be taking place during leisure hour at the local Arizona old folks home? He cannot seriously think that people would still consider him serious candidate. I mean . . . He is the candidate who picked Sarah ("I give Alaskans a bad name") Palin as his running mate. Shouldn't that automatically disqualify him from making any serious decisions in the future? He obviously is around the bend, and should probably be sitting in front of the television ranting at "Murder She Wrote" reruns.

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