Thursday, March 31, 2011

Being Old . . .

I think that being old(er) should bring with it certain privileges. That is besides getting the senior rate at the cinema. I will be turning 50 this June, and I have decided that I'm going to take considerably less shit from other human beings that I have typically in the past. Take customers for instance: I work in a bookstore, and I deal with idiots on a daily basis. (You would think that the act of reading would make some of these folks a little less of an idiot, but you would be wrong.) Some people want to know where our nonfiction section is. Some people want to know how we organize our fiction. (By spine color don't you know.)

Just a few minutes ago I dealt with an idiot on the phone. He was inquiring about a book that he was told would be in today. In the meantime, I informed him that he already had a set of Elmo books on the hold shelf that he had ordered. He actually got gruff with me. He didn't know anything about any Elmo books. Well, maybe he should pull his head out of his posterior and pay a little bit more attention to the damage he's doing, going around ordering books for his brats and then forgetting all about them.

It is starting to appear that the only time I have to write blog posts is while I am at work. Not a good sign really. I should be much busier at work than I am. And I should be able to carve out an hour or two here and there at home to do things like writing my blog.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lucky Day or Karma?

Today was an interesting day. First off there was this large yellow orb in the sky that was blanketing the emerald city with sun and warmth. Maybe not enough warmth, but warmer than it has been in a while. I quite enjoyed my walk to work, and even sat in the sun and read for a while before starting my shift at the bookstore.

The karmic question come into play this afternoon. A woman came in to sell used books today, and right on top of her stack was the new hardcover biography of the artist Chuck Close. I've always been a fan of his work, but never quite rich enough to buy a nice book of his work. I asked, "Oh, your trading in that nice Chuck Close book?" She then offered it to me. I of course said, "No, no." But she insisted that I couldn't say no, because she already gave it to me. I was stunned. Then to top it off: she never came back to settle up for the books that she did sell to the store. I thought back to last week, when I helped a woman working for the Seattle public utilities close off a water valve before I went to work. Today I helped a handicapped man make his way into the bagel shop. Was my Chuck Close gift due to me practicing a few random acts of kindness?

The fact is that I put no thought into helping the people who need it. It just seems like common sense to me. Somehow I'm able to empathize with their predicament and reach out to help. What I don't understand is that segment of the public that casts a cold, dispassionate eye to those in need. The Chuck Close book was a pleasant surprise, but I will not help others with the notion that there might be an expensive art book in my future for helping.

Well, I'm still at work. I'm doing the last hour and a half solo, because one of my co-workers is doing her big rock star tour for the next six weeks. I don't mind closing by myself, because it's usually quite mellow here for the last hour, and I get to play my music. So far it's been The Grateful Dead, followed by George Duke. Eclectic I am.

Sunshine Sweet Sunshine

Another day when walking to work just makes sense. The sun is out in all its glory, and I'm to go strolling to work, and hopefully soak up some of its warmth at the same time. I guess I'm going to the bagel shop once again, but I'm more in the mood for a Rain City burger. I don't walk that far out my way though. I hope that the sunshine graces our presence again this weekend, so that my son and I can play at the nearby park.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Oh My Gosh!

It's already March 21st! St. Patrick's Day just blew by me like a hurricane. I am now in the midst of March. My blogging has been sporadic at best, and I seem to just be waiting around for spring. Oh, that's tomorrow, isn't it? Well, I'd like the weather that is usually associated with spring to arrive, and hang out for a while.