Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ready for Spring

Lately the sun has been making more appearances. There has even been a bit of accompanying warmth. I am so ready for an extended period of sunshine. I'm ready to soak up some photons. In the meantime, it is once again Wednesday, which means the halfway mark of the work week. This week my son Justin arrives a day early, which is good, because I was missing his cuteness. Before then I get to run to the library (one mystery novel and one Hits-of-the-Eighties CD), and stop off at Bagel Oasis for some lunch. I may even have enough time to get some reading done before work.

I'm nearly done reading Bill James first book in the Colin Harpur mystery series. It's quirky and interesting, but it should read much quicker for a 150 page crime caper. My next book (the library loan) is also a British mystery/thriller. I'm expecting it to be a brisk entertainment, and then it's time to read something more substantial . . . a little philosophy maybe.

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