Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Burden of Taxes

Why do I have to be one of those fools, who has failed to have enough federal income taxes withheld throughout the year? Like most fools, I have been looking forward to a return of some sort. Last year I didn't get to claim my son, or I would have gotten about $1,700 back. This year I'm filing for a full year of work at the bookstore (believe me, that shouldn't put me into a higher tax bracket.)But I get to claim my son for the whole year. So far it looks like that exemption will have me only owing the federal government just over $300. Sometimes it's easy to see why the working poor fall for mortgaging scams and lottery tickets. It's understandable why some hardworking folks with a dismal future would turn to drink or less corporate forms of drugs.

So, is the above paragraph my excuse for not blogging for two weeks? No, although I've certainly been under the weather for the past two weeks straight. This is the second day in the row that I've stayed out of work sick. I've been battling a fever for the last couple of nights, tossing and turning in a sweat-soaked sleep.

Maybe being slung down with a virus has caused my absenteeism from my blog. But no. There have been many a night when I have looked at the blank post page, searching for nonlethal words to compile some trivial post. Sometimes I have the urge to write too much, reveal too much and then burrow back into my hole. But revelation has never been my strong suit. I'd rather give subtle hints about my woes, like circling the drain.

I'm about to take a little trip to see my son give his show-and-tell presentation and his pre-school. Just seeing him, and hanging out with him for a bit will remind me of my priorities, and should put some semblance of a smile back on my face.

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