Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vacation Wanted - Apply Within

Are you a sunny beach somewhere in the tropics? Or maybe just a cozy getaway cabin nestled amidst the Olympic Mountain range? It doesn't really matter. I am in need of a vacation, and I am taking all applicants. If you are a quiet vacation spot, that is a big plus. Also, free WI-FI is nice, but certainly not necessary. I'm willing to be out of the loop for the duration of the vacation. I can do without the cheesy headlines on the Comcast homepage, as I log in to check my email, which is usually just from some political group, asking for donations. I don't even need donations, just a vacation. No painful suppuration, just a vacation. I'm particularly looking for a relaxation vacation.

Other than being in need of some quiet downtime (preferably with a loved one, and a bag full of books) like goes on as usual. Tomorrow night at the bookstore we are expecting a crowed event for author Claire Dederer, who has just published the memoir-ish Poser. We'll have to shift a few display tables around for this one, so that we can fit a few in a few extra chairs.

I finished reading the latest novel by Jim Krusoe tonight. It's being released by Tin House books in April, and I gather that it's the concluding book in his trilogy dealing with death, and our attempt to connect with the other side. Krusoe's books are bizarre, funny, and unlike most fiction you've ever read. He brings to mind Matthew Sharpe, author of The Sleeping Father. They share a similar warped sense of humor, which meshes perfectly with my own sense of humor.

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