Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Midweek Once Again

The big midpoint of the week, as workers lurch from one weekend to the next. It is the season of the football playoffs, so the mindless workers are even more excited about the weekends now. The Seahawks and the Patriots have already lost their playoffs, so my people are already in the doldrums. And I see the the Super Bowl pregame show being hyped is the first time interview that President Barack Obama has granted to that over-sized cockroach, Bill O'Reilly. I hope that Obama wears his shit house waders, because it's going to get deep.

My boss is off to Washington, D.C., for some bookseller conference. It's nice when the boss is away, but I'd much rather work with my boss then some of my co-workers though. Oh, I inherited the mystery section this week. Things have been rather slow at work, so I welcome the chance to do the upkeep on another section. Besides, I like mysteries.

Other than those tidbits, it's been a standard sort of work week. We were busy on Monday due to the MLK holiday, but mainly at the used book counter. Lots of folks trading in the old to make room for the new. My dad celebrated his 90th birthday last Sunday (even though his actual birthday is on the 22nd.) It landmark birthday only served to remind me that I turn the big 50 this year. Oh Goody!

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