Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Middle

It is the middle of the week. "The Middle" is also the name of a song by Jimmy Eat World that my four-year-old son begs me to play at least a half dozen times when he is over. He calls it the "elvin, elvin" song. I was going to post the music video in honor of my son, but Youtube is not cooperating today.

I'm back to my 2 pm to 10:30 pm shift today. Actually, I only work that shift on Wednesdays and Thursdays now. I guess ultimately I would like to work day shifts throughout the week. That would leave my evenings free for fun stuff like concerts and movies, or just staying home with my Significant Other.

I cannot even bear to look at the headlines these days. It only confirms my belief that America leads the world in one more thing: the number of crazy lunatics walking around with guns. There are actually geographically beautiful sections of Arizona. I've spent some nice time in the desert and mountains there,but you will not find me going back there any time soon. I've not even heard a peep from that harpy of a governor since the shooting over the weekend. Next time I want to visit the Southwest, I'll take a trip to New Mexico instead of fascistic Arizona.

Well, I was able to get the Jimmy Eat World video from their official site, so here is my son's new favorite. He just loves to dance to this.

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