Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Behind the Time

Agh! It's already January 5th and I haven't posted since last year sometime. No end-0f-the-year messages, or "Best of" lists. No special greetings. I'm just out of the loop. That's what happens when one works in retail over the winter holidays: You get burnt-out with the whole holiday thing, and just start looking forward to spring.

I'll be dropping Justin at his co-op class in just over an hour. We had him last night, because his mom was working an extra shift. Now he will not be back until late Saturday. And he thinks he's confused by this sudden changes.

We're still planning on our trip to Sparks, NV, in late February. Right now I'm wondering why we didn't get tickets to Jamaica instead. I'm sure saving a few thousand dollars up front had something to do with it. It should be at least a little bit warmer in Nevada in February than it will be in Seattle then.

So, I managed to squeak out a post during the first week of 2011. Now back to real life.

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