Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Vacation Wanted - Apply Within

Are you a sunny beach somewhere in the tropics? Or maybe just a cozy getaway cabin nestled amidst the Olympic Mountain range? It doesn't really matter. I am in need of a vacation, and I am taking all applicants. If you are a quiet vacation spot, that is a big plus. Also, free WI-FI is nice, but certainly not necessary. I'm willing to be out of the loop for the duration of the vacation. I can do without the cheesy headlines on the Comcast homepage, as I log in to check my email, which is usually just from some political group, asking for donations. I don't even need donations, just a vacation. No painful suppuration, just a vacation. I'm particularly looking for a relaxation vacation.

Other than being in need of some quiet downtime (preferably with a loved one, and a bag full of books) like goes on as usual. Tomorrow night at the bookstore we are expecting a crowed event for author Claire Dederer, who has just published the memoir-ish Poser. We'll have to shift a few display tables around for this one, so that we can fit a few in a few extra chairs.

I finished reading the latest novel by Jim Krusoe tonight. It's being released by Tin House books in April, and I gather that it's the concluding book in his trilogy dealing with death, and our attempt to connect with the other side. Krusoe's books are bizarre, funny, and unlike most fiction you've ever read. He brings to mind Matthew Sharpe, author of The Sleeping Father. They share a similar warped sense of humor, which meshes perfectly with my own sense of humor.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Midweek Once Again

The big midpoint of the week, as workers lurch from one weekend to the next. It is the season of the football playoffs, so the mindless workers are even more excited about the weekends now. The Seahawks and the Patriots have already lost their playoffs, so my people are already in the doldrums. And I see the the Super Bowl pregame show being hyped is the first time interview that President Barack Obama has granted to that over-sized cockroach, Bill O'Reilly. I hope that Obama wears his shit house waders, because it's going to get deep.

My boss is off to Washington, D.C., for some bookseller conference. It's nice when the boss is away, but I'd much rather work with my boss then some of my co-workers though. Oh, I inherited the mystery section this week. Things have been rather slow at work, so I welcome the chance to do the upkeep on another section. Besides, I like mysteries.

Other than those tidbits, it's been a standard sort of work week. We were busy on Monday due to the MLK holiday, but mainly at the used book counter. Lots of folks trading in the old to make room for the new. My dad celebrated his 90th birthday last Sunday (even though his actual birthday is on the 22nd.) It landmark birthday only served to remind me that I turn the big 50 this year. Oh Goody!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Rules

Leave to Bill Maher to tell it like it is.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Middle

It is the middle of the week. "The Middle" is also the name of a song by Jimmy Eat World that my four-year-old son begs me to play at least a half dozen times when he is over. He calls it the "elvin, elvin" song. I was going to post the music video in honor of my son, but Youtube is not cooperating today.

I'm back to my 2 pm to 10:30 pm shift today. Actually, I only work that shift on Wednesdays and Thursdays now. I guess ultimately I would like to work day shifts throughout the week. That would leave my evenings free for fun stuff like concerts and movies, or just staying home with my Significant Other.

I cannot even bear to look at the headlines these days. It only confirms my belief that America leads the world in one more thing: the number of crazy lunatics walking around with guns. There are actually geographically beautiful sections of Arizona. I've spent some nice time in the desert and mountains there,but you will not find me going back there any time soon. I've not even heard a peep from that harpy of a governor since the shooting over the weekend. Next time I want to visit the Southwest, I'll take a trip to New Mexico instead of fascistic Arizona.

Well, I was able to get the Jimmy Eat World video from their official site, so here is my son's new favorite. He just loves to dance to this.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Need for Quiet

Here I am today with a head full of vitriol, and my duty is customer service today. I have to be nice to people even when every fiber of my being pushes in the opposite direction. And I'm probably starting my worst shift of the week: 11 am to 7:30 pm. Right in the meat of the day.

I am in the mood to rant, but feel like I better bite my tongue today.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A Sunshiny Day

A judge in Texas just sentenced former senator Tom Delay to three years in jail. A smile instantly appeared on my face. Maybe now we will not see Delay's smug puss on Hardball for a while.

I Want, I Want . . .

I want to go home and read with a renewed fervor. I want to clear my head of all unnecessary clutter. (A little Feng Shui for the mind.) I want a plethora of free time with my loved ones. I want a bank account that never dips into the negative. I want my son to grow up and be a nice, smart and conscientious man. I want the nutjobs on the right wing of America's political spectrum to return to their mother's basments, and never show their ugly racist faces in public again. (A little much to ask, I realize.) I want to have no wants (very Zen of me.)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Behind the Time

Agh! It's already January 5th and I haven't posted since last year sometime. No end-0f-the-year messages, or "Best of" lists. No special greetings. I'm just out of the loop. That's what happens when one works in retail over the winter holidays: You get burnt-out with the whole holiday thing, and just start looking forward to spring.

I'll be dropping Justin at his co-op class in just over an hour. We had him last night, because his mom was working an extra shift. Now he will not be back until late Saturday. And he thinks he's confused by this sudden changes.

We're still planning on our trip to Sparks, NV, in late February. Right now I'm wondering why we didn't get tickets to Jamaica instead. I'm sure saving a few thousand dollars up front had something to do with it. It should be at least a little bit warmer in Nevada in February than it will be in Seattle then.

So, I managed to squeak out a post during the first week of 2011. Now back to real life.