Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Enough with the Bagels Already

Post midnight blogging. There's nothing like it. I put my on headphones, and listen to music at unhealthy levels. I struggle to come up with some words that somehow describe my life as it currently stands. Maybe I'll get lucky and turn a phrase that I'm happy with, or come up with a particular rant that is cathartic.

Lately my posts have felt more like laundry lists: go to bagel shop, read book, go to work. Boring. But thought takes time, at least in my head it does. It may feel like I have less time these days, but the truth is that it's the same amount of time, it's just being filled up by other events besides writing blog posts. I've tried to write some posts on the fly, but those are the ones that sound more like banal lists of today's tasks.

So, I did eat at the bagel shop today. It was Monday, so I figured that I had gone the weekend without tasting those yummy everything bagels, with veggie cream cheese. I was due. I also felt quite flush with a ten dollar bill in my pocket. One of the youth that works the counter at Bagel Oasis recently clued me to the fact that there were free refills on soft drinks, even though they sell small, medium and large. For the longest time I just automatically ordered a large, which is self-serve. The whole pricing tiers and self-serve aspect of the soft drink sales at Bagel Oasis often had me scratching my head. Now I order a medium, and usually top it off once. I save 70¢, or something like that.

That is today's bagel update. Someday I may tire of this dietary routine, but not just yet. I'll probably have more to write about my visits to Bagel Oasis in the future. Maybe something about the nubile young women, who work the counter there; and how I'm old enough to be their grandfather. I may sometime write about the characters who come in regularly for their bagel fix (besides me.) People like my former neighbor, who purposefully avoids eye contact with me, when I'm sitting in the adjacent booth. He is probably harboring judgments against me, because of my divorce; or because I wasn't the most social of neighbors. Too bad, so sad.

Will I eat at the bagel shop on Tuesday (of which it now is, because it's nearly 3:30 a.m.)? Only time will tell. Speaking of time. I have once again run the clock out. It's time to brush my aging teeth and crawl into bed beside the love of my life. I sense some spooning in my near future.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite numbers performed by Raul Malo the other night at the Tractor Tavern. (Yes! I actually got off my ass and attended a live show!) Unfortunately, I could not find a video of Raul singing "Moonlight Kiss" on YouTube but I did find a number of videos of a line dancing group in Australia, performing a nifty routine to this number. Enjoy.

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