Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Happened to Me?

My last post revealed my slight fetish for women wearing black knee-high riding boots; and then I just seemed to disappear . . . at least from my blog anyway. Actually, life did go on, and continues to go on. Some things stay the same, but there is always some slight variation. For instance, my ex-wife has decided to draw a line in the sand over a label: "stepmom." Meanwhile, I continue to try and read all the books in my collection, while at the same time continuing to bring home more books. I still don't get out to the movie theatre like I should (or used to.) My Significant Other and I are going away a week from tomorrow.

Speaking of going away, wasn't it only last month that we took a jaunt down to Portland for a little rest, relaxation and reading? Yes, in fact it was just after Labor Day that we took a little break. Frankly, it feels like months ago. There are two teenagers living in the house, and then my "almost 5" year old son arrives on Thursdays and stays through Sunday. About the only way we can get some peace and quiet that last for more than a half hour is to drive away out of earshot.

The sun is still gracing us with its presence. I can only hope that it decides to stick around for the weekend. There's nothing better than getting my son out to the playground for a few hours. It beats having him inside devising ways to convince us to let him play the Wii (or "little Wii," or PSP.)

Now it's time to make my regular trip to the library to pick up some new music. I'll also have time to visit my favorite bagel shop, before I park myself under the shade tree at the local church, and immerse myself in the latest book I've chosen to read.

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