Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treading Water

The skies are gray, but my mood is light blue. Today is Thursday, which means I work with a friend of mine today, and it also means that tomorrow is Friday. Friday I work the day shift, and then I get to spend the evening with my family.

I think I'll patronize the bagel shop today. It's been a couple of days. Then I'll give myself about an hour to read before heading into the daily grind.

I still peruse the political news every day, but it all just seems too crazy to even comment on. Some redneck pastor in Florida is about to having Koran burning party on September 11th. There are only about 50 people in his congregation, but Pastor Dumb Ass is proud to put his ignorant flock in the international limelight. I personally am not offended by people burning religious documents, just as I am not offended by the burning of a flag. Symbols are just that: symbols. And their materialistic counterparts are just so much paper and cloth. What riles me is the total ignorance that seems to be pervading this country, and growing at a phenomenal rate. Who would have thought that simply electing a black man to the presidency would drive those looneys, who were already near the edge of sanity, right over the edge.

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