Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Thrill of Anticipation

Now that there are a mere three days left until my Honey and I take our mini-vacation, we are downright giddy with anticipation. We're psychologically starting our vacation this Friday night, when we go to the nearby Crest Theatre to see "Cyrus." Saturday evening the kids will be doing their thing at PNO, which delightfully stands for Parents Night Out. Since the kids will be out, which may actually stay in, and enjoy the quietude that seems so rare in our house these days. We then leave fairly early on Sunday morning by train to Portland, Oregon.

I'm seventy pages into Matthew Sharpe's You Were Wrong, and I have already committed to making it my featured staff pick for October. The writing is brilliant, so much so that it's a little intimidating. The book is barely over 180 pages, but there is so much packed into every sentence. I still suspect that I'll get it finished before we leave on Sunday morning, so that I have the pleasure of starting something new for the trip. If you're a book person like I am, than you know the pleasure of choosing books to take on a trip. The fact that I'll be staying at a hotel a mere block from Powell's Books just means that I'll be bringing more books home than I left with. Typical behavior on my part.

Last weekend I happened to hear a song from John Scofield's tribute album to Ray Charles. The album is entitled "That's What I Say" and here he is doing a cut with another guy, whose name I cannot remember. It's something like Dick Weed, or Dork Boy...some appropriate appellation like that. Enjoy!

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