Thursday, September 9, 2010

Just a Pause

Try as I might, I cannot seem to get to bed before 3 AM. I may make it there tonight, but just barely. I was compelled to read until just past two in the morning, and now I'm closing up shop. I just wanted to make a brief post before retiring.

My son (and his mother) dropped by the bookstore this afternoon. Hearing Justin exclaim "Daddy!" and then turning to see him running towards me, always puts a smile on my face. He'll be showing up for his three-night visit tomorrow afternoon. I'm sure he'll be requesting Wii™ time immediately, but we do our best around here to moderate his gaming.

I have been contemplating buying some type of bare-bones laptop, so that I can write on the go. I have always been able to get my thoughts down more efficiently by typing than longhand. I often encounter sights that inspire me to jot down some thoughts and ideas. For instance: Today I was driving north on Roosevelt Avenue, heading towards my local library, when I saw a young woman in a black track suit spit upon the street. She was on the center island, about to cross the lane I was in, and I was struck by the fact that she had just spit on the street. When I glanced her way I noticed that she was in fact brushing her teeth. Hence the spitting in public.

Maybe if I had a laptop, and a few minutes to type, I could come up with some pithy statement about brushing one's teeth, while jaywalking. What's next? Shaving your armpits while you wait for the bus?

I currently have a reading agenda, which I have entirely imposed upon myself. I am almost midway through my second zombie novel. I shelf the horror section at work, and I thought it was about time that I read something from my section. Also, these two books in particular (Pariah and The Reapers Are the Angels) looked more promising that the usual tripe that ends up in horror. Next up, I would like to read the new novel by Matthew Sharpe, entitled You Were Wrong. I loved his earlier novel, The Sleeping Father. In fact, I made it a staff pick at work. My hope is that I can finish You Were Wrong (it's relatively short) before our train ride to Portland on the 19th, so that I can start something fresh for the trip.

I have managed to move the clock a little closer to three in the morning. Time to close this up, and head to bed. Tomorrow is my last night shift of the week, which means that I need to get up early on Friday. Let's hope that the sun decides to get up with me that day.

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Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you