Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back in Emerald City . . .

. . . But not quite home yet. We left Portland by train at 12:15 PM today, and arrived in Seattle just after four o'clock. We had planned ahead to stay one last night in town. We are staying in a fancy suite, but benefit from the fact that my Significant Other usually works on site during the week. If I gaze in between the tall buildings directly in view outside of the room windows, I can see parts of the Olympic Mountains, and once in a while a ferry slides into view. There is also a very deep tub that fits two quite nicely, thank you very much. Otherwise, there are three wide-screen televisions, including one in the bathroom, that are wasted on us. We come with books in hand, searching for reading nooks before we even make it to our room. My Significant Other actually has to get up for work in the morning, and be in her office by 7:30 AM. I'm luckier in the respect that my shift at the bookstore doesn't start until two in the afternoon. I have a feeling that my S.O. may be coming home early to care for Justin. It seems that he picked up a virus during his first week of pre-school.

Yesterday we made one more foray into Powell's before calling it good. I went prepared with a list this time, and found a few of the specific items I wanted. I picked up another 8 or 9 books (I don't feel like pulling them all out of the bag at the moment in order to give a more accurate count. I found a good deal on some Jeffrey Brown graphic novels. They are more memoirs actually, except for the adventures of Bighead. I also sprung for a used hardcover of Matthew Sharpe's debut collection, Stories From the Tube. I had purchased a reading copy of Jamestown on the previous day's visit to Powell's, but I'm keeping my eyes open for a nice hardcover edition. [I had written yesterday that it was initially the New York Times book review that got me interested in Sharpe's Jamestown, but it was actually the review. In fact, Matthew Sharpe has a reprint of that particular review on his site, and it reminded me that I was an avid reader of Salon in that day. So, I stand corrected.]

I finally chose the book that I am currently reading: Horseman, Pass by by Larry McMurtry. But I am still high on the most recent book I read, Matthew Sharpe's You Were Wrong. It will be my featured staff pick at the bookstore for the month of October, which mean 20% off for any of you local shoppers!

Well, as the clock tends to do on most nights that I choose to post a blog, the has slipped past two in the morning. I should seriously consider getting some sleep before having to vacate my plush surroundings by noontime. I think my S.O. will be departing when I do, rather then staying here to work. Working is just a way of ruining a perfectly good vacation. My bright side is that I am only working two days before the weekend. And, as we all know, everybody's working for the weekend.

Forgive me. I didn't include barf bags with this blog; and pretty much any video from the '80s requires some type of vomit receptacle. You have to admit though, this damn song is infectious...just like a disease.

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