Saturday, August 21, 2010

Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

My reading over the last few month has been greatly influenced by upcoming movies. I just finished reading A Very Private Gentleman by Martin Booth, which is being released this fall as "The American," starring George Clooney. Before that I read Ghost by Robert Harris, and now "The Ghost Writer," directed by Roman Polanski is at the top of my Netflix queue. Recently I also read Sideways by Rex Pickett, (One of my all-time favorite films) True Grit (Once a film made famous by its star John Wayne, and soon to be re-shot by the Coen brothers) by Charles Portis, Pop. 1280 (a new film version starring Casey Affleck was briefly in the theaters)by Jim Thompson and On the Beach by Neville Shute.

The books above are all books that I've been that have been on my to-read list (with the exception of A Very Private Gentleman.) The book that I will start before the end of the day is The Extra Man by Jonathan Ames. I have been wanting to read some of his work for years, and the new release of "The Extra Man," starring Kevin Kline, finally got me to pull one of his works off the shelf.

I finally made my reservations for the Concourse Hotel in Madison, Wisconsin, for late October; Halloween weekend to be exact. This year will be the fourth consecutive time that I have attended the annual Freedom From Religion convention. I made a promise to myself after attending my first convention that I would make an effort to attend every year. I don't do much for myself, as far as groups or organizations. My wife will never lose me to the golf course; but I felt right at home with the other attendees of FFRF's convention.

But Before Madison there will be a little sojourn to Portland, Oregon. My Significant Other and I will take the train from Seattle and stay three nights at a hotel a mere block from Powell's Bookstore. Working at an independent bookstore myself, I always have to support other independent bookstores. The only drawback with shopping at other bookstores though is that I don't get the 40% discount that I get on my home turf. I have compiled a very short list of authors to look for at Powell's during our visit. The little vacation if just under a month away, but I'm giving myself permission to start counting. I don't see any event on the horizon that would hamper our plans.

After our three nights in Portland we will take the train back north to the Emerald City, and stay one more night away from home in a luxury suite in an undisclosed location. Why rush back into the routine of home life? In the meantime I still have just over three weeks of work before our little break.

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