Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Fridays Please

I really want today to be Friday. I want to have dinner with my son tonight, and look forward to hanging out at the park with him in the morning. But today is only Thursday, and that means that I need to go to work, and shelves books. On the bright side, I'm working with my favorite co-worker tonight, and my least favorite co-worker is on vacation this week.

My son and his mom should be en route from Montana back home to Seattle. Justin's mom will be dropping at the door tomorrow, and I'm sure he'll need a bath after a week in the woods. He'll also be probably be requiring some gaming time, but he's due that, I guess.

Right now I get to have lunch with my Significant Other before it's off to work. Maybe if we get comfortable under a shady tree I may just forget about employment obligations.

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