Monday, July 12, 2010

It's All Over Too Soon...

It is very late, or very early depending on your point of view. I just came in from the deck. I sometimes sit out there during these early morning hours. It's usually very quiet, and peaceful. Tonight there was a mist blowing in the breeze. The online weather report described the current condition as a "drizzle." Whatever the label, the precipitation felt nice upon my skin, especially after the recent spate of unusually hot days.

My son left for NYC earlier today. He will be back late Friday, so time with him this week will not be all that much less than usual. This is his second cross-continental trip in just over a month. He'll be doing the town in New York, and the forecast is calling for rain, so he'll be doing some indoor activities. I look forward to his happy and healthy return.

Again, after finishing the excellent novel Jakob von Gunten, I had a difficult time choosing another book to read. I want to read so much at once that I'm nearly stymied by sheer quantity of books on my shelves (and in storage, and that I've yet to buy.) I've been reading Beyond Einstein by Michio Kaku half-heartedly for the past week. It's Kaku's attempt to explain Superstring Theory to non techies such as I. It's an enjoyable book that feels more like a refresher course than anything new and enlightening. I was still craving a good novel, so today I started reading The Chalk Circle Man by the French mystery author, Fred Vargas. That's Ms. Fred Vargas.

I was determined to get something onto my blog this weekend, but I really should retire before the sun announces Monday morning.

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