Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Just a Minor Weakness

I have thin skin. Human skin is composed of three primary layers, but I think I may have entered this world with one thin layer. It would certainly explain why I have a tendency to be so sensitive to comments from others. I'm even quite empathetic to the misery of others, down to the lowliest mouse.

Recently my son started enquiring about skin colors. He was asked what color daddy's skin tone is, and he replied, "light blue." It's light blue, because of my lack of extra protective layers. Maybe that's why I'm frequently "blue." I would much rather have thick rhino-like skin if it would shield me from the pain and suffering in this world. The human decline is all around me, and because I have the power of sight, and a sensitive skin layer that picks up all these vibrations, I often find myself fighting off the pull of the blues.

Ethically though, I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I found refuge in reality shows, cheap beer and overrated sports teams. I'd rather live in pain, and feel the suffering of the world, along with the Buddhist monks, philosophers, and street prophets.

On another note: I saw my old counselor for the first time in about two years. She was leaving the store with a coffee in her hand. I was chatting with my co-workers at the counter, but she stopped and said hello. She even gave me a hug, and wanted to smooth over any hard feelings I may have had at the termination of our sessions. I replied honestly that I was pretty damn happy now. I didn't mention anything about taking on the suffering of the world though. No need to inject any negative thoughts into a chance meeting with my old counselor.

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