Monday, June 21, 2010

Dragging It In...

It's Monday, which means I need to head into the bookstore soon. I may just end up at the bagel shop for some lunch before my shift. The bagel shop has the convenience of just being around the corner from Ravenna Third Place. Plus I finally figured out the perfect formula for my toasted bagel: one schmear of veggie cream cheese split between two everything bagels. For the longest time I would get one schmear per bagel and it's just too much cream cheese, dripping out the sides of the bagel.

A co-worker had asked me to trade shifts today, which would have had me working 10 to 6. I declined, because I'm still getting back into my routine after my vacation. I came in for a few extra hours this past Saturday, because my boss was out with a bad back. I will also be coming in for at least a few hour this Saturday to help out with the Big Sale. So, I will work my normal shift, arriving back home just before 10:30 pm tonight.

I'm craving a short camping trip, and I'm hoping to squeeze that in before the summer closes its curtains. I would love a few quiet days in the woods, preferrably by a babbling brook. Some time to walk, read, and just soak up some of the wilderness ambience. First the rain has to take a break, and let us Seattlelites enjoy a brief sunny respite.

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