Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Where'd the Weekend Go?

Here I am lurching into Tuesday, and I seem to have misplaced last weekend. This includes having Friday night off too. The reason I took the night off on Friday was due to the fact that my Significant Other threw her back out on Friday morning. My son spends arrives at our house on Friday afternoon, and I couldn't very well expect her to cater to the whims of a four-year-old with a bad back. She is still nursing that back, and my main concern is that she is healthy for our trip east in a few weeks. Flying three thousand miles to visit relatives is stressful enough without the addition of excruciating back pain.

After reading Lethal Injection over the weekend, I've decided to continue on with the mystery/thriller genre, and tonight I started reading Mind's Eye by Håkan Nesser. It is one of the most popular of mystery sub genres at the moment and that is Scandinavian mysteries. This recent popularity of authors from dark and icy northern Europe, was sparked by the international success of Steig Larsson's Millennium Trilogy of crime novels. In the United States the titles are: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire, and the soon-to-be released Girl Who Kicked The Hornets' Nest. I've already acquired used copies (pristine used copies mind you) of the first two in mass market format. I have every intention of reading them at some point, but right now the hype is still quite active and I'd prefer that die down first. Plus the books are huge!

My reading has taken on an escapist tinge lately, and I think that is because my vacation is two weeks from this coming Thursday. We -- my Significant Other, my son, and myself -- will be flying to Providence, Rhode Island, and staying with friends in nearby Rehoboth, Massachusetts. I grew up in Rehoboth. Our motivation for the trip is the celebration of my mother's 80th birthday, but it's also been a couple of years since I've been back. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for beautiful late spring weather during out stay. And some time to sit outside and read in that idyllic weather. There will be plenty of family obligations during out stay, but I think we can fit in some quality downtime while we're there.

More about my vacation before, during and after. If I'm a good tourist, and better father, than I will remember to take plenty of pictures while we are there. I may also have few moments to write a few posts while I'm there. Words describing the joys of family reunions, rather than the acid indigestion, and iffy blood pressure that sometimes accompanies those same reunions. I may even have a nostalgic reflection or two while we're there. After all, I will be revisiting such landmarks as the former family homestead, and that pillar of education known as "D.R." -- the high school I was so anxious to leave that I ran away to join the service.

Yes, visiting my old neighborhood, and catching up with family and friends is bound to rekindle some memories. I'm not that likes to visit the past, never mind live there in some kind of nostalgic bliss. The past is irretrievable, and I seem to remember an urgency to move on at the time. Revisiting those times will be bittersweet, but also maybe a little therapeutic. My son and beloved will be there to share these memories with, and to put a new take on things.

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