Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Coming Up For Air

So, I was just watching Ms. Eric Cantor, speaking before the cult known as the Heritage Foundation. During the question and answer period, a man...well, let's be honest: a portly, balding white man, who is worried that his insatiable greed will no longer pay off under an administration that is actually starting to pay attention to the needs of working class citizens, hemmed and hawed as he tried to phrase his question: "At what point can we label Obama a Domestic Enemy?" Mr. Cantor, who is usually two testicles short of maleness, actually stated that the president is not a "domestic enemy." He was booed for his forthrightness, but at least he stood against the real enemy: ignorance. He'll probably call in to Rush's radio show tomorrow to take back his statement, so that he can continue to garner the support of that dying race known as Greedy, Ignorant, White Males.

Since I am inundated lately with the stupidity of the American public, I have decided to make Idiot America the next title that I will read. The paperback is released today, and I'm hoping that the book is good enough to recommend to readers. In my oh-so-humble opinion, there are not enough books out there that skewer the fringe element of our society. Those ignorant sods that take their marching orders from the likes of Glenn Beck, Sarah Payoff, and Rush. These rich fat cats enjoy pillaging our fine country through their encouragement of dissent and total outright ignorance. Don't even pay attention to the fact that most of the working public has experienced tax cuts under President Obama. Don't let facts get in the way of your agenda.

I was up until nearly three in the morning, attempting to finish the first chapter of Idiot America, and all I remember was that James Madison was a mediocre president, but damn lucky to marry Dolley Madison. I guess she was quite the babe for her day.

So, back to those illustrious tea partiers: I just can't help myself when it comes to criticizing the willfully and woefully ignorant. I've actually seen a couple of polls lately that purportedly show that "tea partiers" actually represent a broader swath of Americans that we give them credit for, including...wait for this...educated people! Yikes! Better look out. Somebody read a book once. Frankly, I think that "news" organizations are tired of being called out for covering a bunch of dolts, and giving them more credit than they deserve.

Just watch the video below, and try counting the smart tea party protesters. I don't think you'll need more than one hand for this. In fact, I only needed one particular finger to reflect my thinking when it comes to tea party madness. Take a gander at the loonies, who haven't got a clue. It would be almost sad if they were not so ridiculous.

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