Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Say What?

What to say...what to say. I haven't posted a blog post in over a week, but it's not that I haven't sat in front of the monitor trying to think of pearls of wisdom to write down. I've even jotted down notes and ideas of items to expound upon here on my blog. I'd love some time to critically tear down empty shells like Deepak Chopra and Sarah Palin (what an easy target! Oops! Gun jargon.) The stupidity being exhibited by the right-wing wackos in this country has made me speechless lately. I wonder in amazement how human beings, who are allowed to drive and raise children, can also be allowed to be so willingly and woefully ignorant.

How many times to we have to witness the racial slurs and the bricks being thrown through windows before we call the right-wing wackos what they are: Terrorists. They are exactly in the mold of Timothy McVeigh. They are small minded people, who -- with the blessings of our backward governmental gun laws -- who are allowed to own large caliber weapons.

On the home front, I still need to file my taxes, but April 15th is still a week and a half away. I still have boxes to unpack in my office. The Mariners started their season last night with a win at home. And I'm thinking about taking a random vacation day in the next week or so. Some day with no agenda. A day to spend entwined with my Significant Other, preferably without children in the house. Life goes on, with its attendant ups and downs, sunshine and rain. I'm just paddling along, keeping an eye open for rough water.

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