Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Thoughts

If ignorance is bliss, then why are the "tea-baggers" so angry? They should be blissfully enjoying the latest episode of DWTS and munching on some trans-fat free product, while sipping on their Big Gulp. Instead we have evidence of their ignorance through their clever use of misspelled signage, and the refusal to believe that Hawaii is one of the 50 states.

This is yet another of those gray rainy Seattle daze that fills me with a yearning for the coast, with maybe a cabin to surround me and a fiery blaze in the wood stove to keep me and my S.O. warm. One can dream. Even while standing behind the used book counter at work I can still manage to envision myself out on the peninsula with a pile of books to work through.

My son will be staying over tonight, a night earlier than usual. This means that I need to seriously consider getting to bed before four in the morning, otherwise I will be one of the walking dead tomorrow morning when I have to drive him to gymnastics class. I've also heard that he has a new pair of clip-on hamburger earrings that he is very proud of.

I have made the executive decision to put the book Homicide aside for a bit. I just don't find myself anxious to dive into the reportage, and I miss having a book to look forward to reading at the end of the night. David Simon is a brilliant writer (as evidenced by "The Wire"), and I'm intending to return to the true crime tome, but right now I need a breather. Maybe a book of short stories, but something fictional for sure.

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