Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick and Careless

Here I am again, with about a half hour before I positively must leave for work. I don't know how I expect to post anything worthy with only 30 minutes in which to compose something noteworthy...at least to me. I was all set to drive up to my ex-wife's house and borrow her lawn mower, but as soon as I was in my car the skies opened up and poured out a combination of rain, sleet, and hail. I drove up to the library to pick up a couple of CDs (Weird Al and a reggae collection,) and then decided to drive back home and creat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my lunch. My lunch was accompanied by Dorito's Cool Ranch chips (daily ration of toxins) and a Canada Dry ginger ale, which probably hasn't had anything to do with Canada in decades.

Well, the sun is back out. Just in time for me to go inside for 8 hours straight. The postage stamp of a lawn that surrounds this house is quickly turning into a jungle. I feel responsible for getting it shorn in some fashion. Once I pull the starter on the mower and start pushing it would probably take no more than a half hour to get the lawn cut, but I need the sun to stick around at least for a full day.

Last night I read the third straight story from Jim Krusoe's Blood Lake and Other Stories. I've loved his novels and his short stories seem to stray a little farther into bizzaro world, which is fine with me. I'm still craving a good novel to sink my teeth into, but these short stories work fine until I pick my next book to read.

I'm feeling a good bit of angst today. I lurch between wanting to shed a few tears, and wanting to drive very fast into the mountains. Anyway, it goes without saying that I'm in a Foo Fighters mood today, so I shall leave you with one of my favorites: "Monkey Wrench."

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