Friday, April 2, 2010

An Offhand Remark

The clouds are parting slightly, giving the impression for the moment that the deluge has passed. It's a perfect day for getting comfortable on the couch with a big fat novel, or taking in an afternoon matinee. I requested from my Significant Others daughter that she take my four-year-old son to a matinee. He's been going a little stir crazy all day, and an Imax 3D showing of "How to Train a Dragon," should be just what the weatherman ordered for staying sane.

I'll be leaving for my shift at the bookstore in about a half hour. It's Friday, and the weather will either keep the customers away, or pull them in for lack of anything better to do. Last night I watched the last two episodes of the British series "Life on Mars" rather than reading. It's been an exciting and innovative series, but the summing up garnered a review of "eh" from me. It sort of left the possibilities open a bit, which isn't a bad thing. The problem was more that they tried to tie it all up in the last hour episode, and I think it would have been more effective to build to the ending over the last few episodes. Oh well. I'm still quite sure that it's better than the U.S. remake, starring Harvey Keitel.

I recevied a copy of the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" that I had ordered last week from Amazon. I'll probably watch that tomorrow night. Nothing rocks out a Saturday night more than animated talking foxes. Other than that I have no special plans for the weekend.

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