Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Already?

I was just starting to get the hang of this "day off" thing. Actually, I took Friday evening off from work, and that fact made this past weekend that much more glorious. Nothing in particular was accomplished, but I was able to slow time down just a tad, and therefore was able to enjoy my time off a little more than usual. I took my son to the playground; I watched the Mariners win a game; and I spent some time on our deck, soaking up some precious Seattle sunshine.

While I was out of work on Friday I think that a couple of books may arrived for me. I went ahead and ordered those two precious film books that I was coveting, even though the cost of the two books is almost exactly what I had to pay to the IRS. I don't mind paying taxes though, because I like sidewalks, and I want to know that if my house catches fire that the fire department will show up. I like the fact that there are public schools and libraries. I also like the fact that President Obama actually cut taxes for working folks. He even cut taxes for ignorant sods like "tea-baggers," even though they are ungrateful gits.

I had lunch at the Ram today. I hadn't had lunch there in a few weeks, and I was hoping to see my favorite diminutive waitress, Jessica. I realized once I was seated though, that I wouldn't make a very good stalker, since I had completely forgotten that Jessica doesn't work on Mondays. Instead I had the curly haired, and hip bartender come out from behind his station to serve me. He was friendly and attentive, but he's no Jessica. Sorry bud.

Besides having Friday evening off from work, I also got out of attending a hip hop dance performance with my four-year-old. My always-thoughtful Significant Other suggested that she take my son and her 17-year-old to the performance, thereby giving me a few hours of solitude at home. I paid her back for that kindness the following day by taking her for a drive to our favorite parking spot, which provides a wonderful view west of Marie Callender's and just beyond that landmark is the rushing traffic on I-5. There is nothing like parking in an anonymous space in a large corporate parking lot on a sunny Sunday, while citizens walk obliviously by. They are oblivious to the fact that this happy forty-something couple have found a little bit of paradise in a parked car, under the shadow of buildings housing real estate and financial companies.

Besides hanging out in parked cars, I watched three more episodes of "Breaking Bad," and I hope to receive the next two discs in the series on Wednesday. I was actually able to reist buying the complete sets from Best Buy, so that we could watch them in one long marathon session. No Netflix discs to watch tonight, so maybe I'll get a little more of Homicide read. Now I'm off to sell books to the bookless.

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