Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let It Spew

For the betterment of all, I have been forgoing most of my news watching. I no longer watch Keith and Rachel religiously. Most of the news these days centers around the willful ignorance of those known collectively as the "Tea Party," and I find them to be an ugly spectacle. I still visit The Political Carnival blog every day, and that is usually my source for any political news. If anything really serious happens I can always investigate it further. That is 100% more than any tea-bagger would do. Most of them cannot even spell "fascist" correctly on their silly rally signs, never mind know how to research a topic that confuses them.

I'm not quite 49-years-old, but I'm already starting to feel like a cranky old man. I look around amazed at how ignorance is actually valued in our society. Young people imitate other dolts they see, walking around slack-jawed and oblivious. I try and tell myself to stay calm, they know not what they know not.

I was lucky enough to attend the Watergate hearings during the summer of my thirteenth year. I have learned not to relate that story to co-workers, and friends slightly younger than me. I still think of the Watergate cover-up as a significant event in history. President Nixon was sure to be impeached, but instead chose to resign in disgrace. His vice-president had already resigned for being a slimy tax cheat. But the Watergate break-in and cover-up seems to have disappeared into the dustbin of unknown historical events for our current generation.

I just don't have patience for anyone ignorant enough to have ignored just how the Bush administration basically raped our constitution. These foolish tea-baggers wave their phallic symbols about, and claim that President Obama is trying to take their guns away, but they are not even aware of the changes to their civil liberties thanks to a little document cleverly titled "The Patriot Act." Jim Bob doesn't even realize that while he is toting his empty Uzi at the all-white (just a coincidence...really!) anti-tax rally, his trailer — Oops! excuse me. I mean "mobile home." — can be searched warrant-free, and any evidence found against Jim Bob doesn't have to be revealed until he is in court. Sucker!

That's just one of the wonderful little clauses of this document entitled The Patriot Act. Isn't that name the cutest thing? You see, if you are against any of the tenets of the act you must not be a patriot. Bush and his cohorts were experts at cultivating blind patriotism, and they used the ashes of September 11th, 2001 from which to lunch their mad plans. All of a sudden it was cowboy politics with W. calling out the bad guys. He walked with a swagger and killed underbrush on his Texas ranch in his spare time (which was a lot!)

These fools on the right label Barack Obama a radical leftist and a socialist, but he is a true blue middle-of-the-road politician. Don't get me wrong. I voted for Obama, and I think he has already done some good things for this country. Let's face it, he inherited a genuine clusterfuck when he took office last year. He hasn't had any help from the criminals, who got us into this mess in the first place.

The corporate toadies known as the Republican Party have consistently rewarded the highest bidder. Their ilk have officially made corporations citizens under U.S. law, so that they are accorded the same rights. Hell, the right leaning U.S. supreme court (remember Gore v. Bush) just changed the law to allow corporations to directly contribute to political campaigns, including foreign companies!

We have Republican congressmen and senators encouraging anti-government behavior. Fox TV, the propaganda wing of the Republican party, has helped organize and promote these so-called tea parties. They have actually broken FEC laws by helping to raise campaign funds for candidates. Intelligent people realize that we don't have a powerful left in this country, because the media is controlled by the corporations, and the corporations are concerned with one thing: profits. The Republicans only want to do one thing and that is to aid their corporate partners in their continued raping and pillaging of this once fine continent. It all started when some dirty pilgrims set their feet down on some rock in Plymouth, but that's another rant for another time.

I mean honestly, you've got nutcases like Glen Beck comparing the passing of health care reform to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. You've got Jabba the Hut (aka, Rush Limpdong), broadcasting from his mansion that the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland might have been God showing his displeasure with healthcare reform. Now these flaming hypocrites on the right are going to do their best to prevent the political party in power from passing financial reform. We nearly, or may have, had the worst economic disaster in our history under the last year of George W. Bush, and the fools left in office with an R after their name still want to protect their cronies on Wall Street.

I consider the Tea Party fools to be akin to a gnat on the ass of God...and I don't even believe in God. The problem is all these cameras and commentators surrounding this gnat, and giving it an inordinate amount of attention. I do my damndest to ignore the ugly spectacle, but it surrounds us in this media drenched society.

All of this ridiculous behavior on the part of Americans and the coverage by our media just makes me want to spew. But I cannot let the ignorant masses distract me from the inherent beauty of my own life. I have had some major transitions in my life over the past year, but I can confidently say that I have a grown a bit wiser from the process. I have a smart and funny four-year-old son, and just over a year ago — on tax day 2009 — I met the woman of all my dreams and desires.

In other words: If I had a giant flyswatter, I would knock those tea-partying, evolution-denying, bible-thumping, corporate ass-kissing right-wingers into the nethersphere.

Now let me share a rant I saw earlier this evening that inspired my own. This is Ed Schultz from The Ed Show, giving those gun-toting tea partiers what for.

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