Friday, April 9, 2010

America the Stupid

Our news outlets in this country are a constant source of embarrassment. What "journalist" could have possibly thought that asking President Obama to respond to Sarah Palin the Quitter, after she leveled a schoolyard taunt at him for his reason nuclear arms treaty with Russia, was anywhere near an intelligent question? Obama was graceful in his immediate dismissal of any legitimacy Palin might have on the issues, but the fact remains that the news media in this country continue to put Palin up there like she is some political authority. It's mind-boggling. She quit being governor of Alaska, so that she could whore herself out for money. The fact that her followers refuse to see her as anything but a quitter, looking for the next rolled up dollar bill to slip in her g-string just goes to prove the utter stupidity of a great many Americans. The fact that people could still have any confidence in John McCain after his recent reunion with the quitter from Alaska only further goes on to prove the point.

If you are a fan of Sarah Palin, could you possibly tell me her qualifications without lapsing into perverted backhanded compliments à la Pat Buchanan? We are witnessing a growing population of people in this country who actually disdain intelligence. They refuse to read up on the important issues (like health care reform, and nuclear proliferation) before opening up their gaping maws to spew out nonsense.

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