Monday, March 1, 2010

So Long...Goodbye

Today I made my last trip to the old apartment. I dropped off my keys and garage door opener. The owners were not there, so I left the items on the kitchen counter and locked the door behind me when I left. It feels like I just closed a chapter on my life; or at least the introduction. Now the first chapter of the last book in the trilogy called My Life begins. I now begin to settle into my new surroundings and relationships.

I'm at least two-thirds of the way through On the Beach by Neville Shute, and it's quite good. I'm sure that I'll end up writing a staff pick card for it at work. Everyone needs a good post-apocalyptic tale on their reading list.

Now I must head into the bookstore, and beginning the task of selling literature. It's Monday and new titles are released on Tuesdays, so there is not bound to be any excitement in the store tonight. When I get back home I may have an hour or two to unpack a few more boxes in my office.

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