Thursday, March 4, 2010

Misnomer Mea Culpa

I realize that the title of my last post may have given the impression that it was actually to be my last post. The title, "So Long...Goodbye," more referred to the act of saying goodbye to my old apartment. It had served me well for nearly a year. Initially I thought it would be a dark and depressing subterranean cavern, but it was actually kind of bright and cheery...for a subterranean cavern.

I stayed up, after getting home from work, to finish reading On the Beach. It was excellent, and quite moving by the end. After following the lives of a half dozen characters over the course of three or so months, the reader feels connected to them. From the beginning of the novel you are aware that no one will be alive at the end. Radiation sickness is not something you recover from -- no matter how many times you "duck and cover." I'd love to write a longer review when I have a little time. In the meantime I'll write up a staff pick card at work and see if I can convince a few customers to buy a post apocalyptic romance (of sorts.)

It's getting too late at night to get anything else accomplished. My son is staying the night and I must get up with him in the morning. That usually translates to about 7:30 a.m. -- if we're lucky. Then I may or may not have to drive him to his co-op daycare. That starts at 9 a.m., and I probably shouldn't show up in my pyjamas. There's a slight possibility that I might squeeze in a few more hours of sleep before leaving for work, and that would be a fine thing.

Now, because I'm a reader and book person, who loves lists, I'm going to log Neville Shute's On the Beach in my "Books Read" journal that I've been keeping since I was in my early twenties. For the most part I have a list of every book that I've read in this little notebook. The list is now also duplicated on, and Word document in my PC, and on here on the right hand side of my blog, where I keep a "Books Read" box updated. It's fun to look back and see the different trends in my reading patterns: My self-help stage. My Native-American stage. The Vietnam War period. And it's good to see that I've continued to read things over the years that are challenging, and thought provoking.

Now, if I can manage to shut off the computer, I can start the (enjoyable) process of choosing the next book that I will read. There are so many contenders. I'm surrounded by quality reading material. If I can just manage to get them on the shelves in alphabetical order, and sorted by categories, it will be much easier to peruse the multitude of books on my reading list.

Let me just leave you with a little Bob Newhart. I hadn't watched this MadTV sketch in a few years. It's a good one to revisit.

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Shellie (Layers of Thought) said...

Mark -
This is funny that I added the Bob Newhart book just after you wrote this post. Then I finally get into my reader and see your

How excellent is that?

I hope your feeling better and your boy looks so cute with that little mustache.. :)