Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here Comes the Sun

The sun over Seattle is blazing through my office window. I need to leave for work in about an hour. I'd rather make myself comfortable on the deck and finish reading Pop. 1280, but that pleasure will have to wait until tonight. Of course, by tonight I'll have to finish the book by incandescent light in the living room. I still have my mind set on reading something dark after the Jim Thompson. I have a small stack of books on the Iraq War that I'd like to delve into. I may be in a totally different mood tomorrow when it comes to my reading taste, but presently I'm in the mood to read about what drives human to become psychotic killing machines for their lying government.

The weekend is nearly here. I would like to get my haircut either Friday, or Saturday, depending on whether I get a break from watching Justin long enough to get that minor errand accomplished. I also wouldn't mind seeing a film in the theater this weekend. The top film on my list right now would be "The Education" scripted by Nick Hornby. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing "The Road" on the big screen if it's still around. For whatever reason I have been in a post-apocalyptic mood lately. I suppose that's better than being in an apocalyptic mood. Mushroom clouds are a blight on the horizon.

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