Thursday, February 4, 2010

In Transition

I am now living at my new home, with my new family. I feel like I've been adopted all over again. The house is so close to my work that I've been coming home for supper each night. It takes about two minutes to get here by car, so that gives my most of my hour to hang out with my loved ones.

I heard a rumor that the Super Bowl is this Sunday evening. I guess that means that I'll get some reading time this weekend. Either that, or maybe I could get out to a movie theater. I haven't been to a film since "Avatar," so I still fill the need to cleanse my palate, so to speak. It's not that "Avatar" wasn't entertaining, it was, but it's still just two plus hours of expensive computerized special effects, and I'm more of a character and plot kind of guy.

I finished reading Pride and Prejudice just before moving to the new place. Now I'm into a mystery/thriller entitled California Fire and Life, which features an insurance investigator as the hero. It's not Jane Austen, that's for sure. I'm enjoying the fun read, but I'm also ready to sink my teeth back into some philosophy.

My office is no where near completion. I only set up my computer last night, and I was unsuccessful at connecting to the internet last night, so I'm using my friend's laptop. Once I start filling my office with my book collection than it's all over. I will not be relocating any time soon.

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