Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Have Returned

It has been over a week since I last posted, and that was a cheat; putting up a video instead of writing a full post. If I remember correctly I was counting down the days until my three day weekend on the coast. I returned from the Olympic Peninsula on Tuesday afternoon after a wonderful three days in a cabin by the sea. We even had high wind warnings and driving rain while we were there, ensconced in our cozy cabin. We kept the room quite warm with the wood stove, but my pink-robed Significant Other brought an electric blanket for good measure. She is okay with roughing it, but she has her limits.

It seems that most of my visits to Kalaloch in recent years have been rewarded with bald eagle sightings. This time was no exception. We were sitting at a vacant campsite, watching the tide roll in, when a huge eagle swooped up from the beach. He appeared to peek into our car as he soared up into the higher reaches. The flock of seagulls left behind seemed pedestrian compared to the great raptor.

We ate at the Kalaloch Lodge one night, but it was quite pricey. I'm just a measly bookstore employee. When the meals start to price out at a hundred dollars than it's time to start eating crackers and cheese in the cabin. Luckily we came prepared with a plethora of snack foods. Our bluff cabin didn't come with a kitchenette, but we still managed to heat some things on the wood stove.

Today I have a day to myself. A tweaking of the schedule brought my son back to his mom's house last night instead of this afternoon. I may post again later, but I have the entire day, which gives me plenty of opportunities to fill it with productive things, like cleaning the bathroom...or reclining on the couch and reading "Pride and Prejudice." Hmm, I wonder which I will choose?

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