Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Countdown to Kalaloch

Two more days of work, and then I'm off for four days. Three of those days will be spent in a cabin by the sea. It's romantic. It's peaceful. And it's out of cell phone range. There is a payphone booth behind the general store. I bought five books tonight with the rationalization that I needed books to peruse this weekend. I'm nearly a hundred pages into Pride and Prejudice, and I'm enjoying it, but I need some extended reading time. There will be plenty of time to lounge about and read this weekend in a cabin by the sea. I love being by the ocean in midwinter. For one thing it's less crowded, and there is just something more wild about the sea in the winter. It's the season of storms. That's when drift logs kill! You've got to look out for those sneaky bastards!

For the past week I have been loading music into my computer. The big reason for purchasing this new PC was to have more room for music. I went from a measly 110GB to 1TB. I was also given a new iPod recently, which has double the space I had in my previous version. So I've been poring through my folders of CDs, looking for fresh tunes. And to be able to take all this music with me this weekend is a real luxury. I don't mind doing without a TV, or phone, but three days without music is an awful quiet three days.

Well, it's past midnight, and I have to decide whether I want to watch "The Hangover" for the third time in a week and a half, or read a few chapters of Pride and Prejudice. Vulgar high jinks versus Victorian high jinks. It's a tough choice.

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