Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I woke up this morning with a Yes song in my head: "Changes." There are major changes afoot in my life right now. Of course, there have been major changes in my life throughout the last year (divorce, new job, new residence, new Significant Other.) My next "major change" involves moving once again. This time I will be moving into a house with my new Significant Other (owner of the Pink Robe.) It also appears that I will instantly becoming part of a new family, because my S.O. will also be bringing along two of her children. They are both nearly grown and out of the house, but in this economy it may be a few more years (decades?) before they are out on their own. The house we will be renting is also bigger than my little subterranean abode. I will have my own office! That means peace and serenity for all, at least in that little household.

Now back to Yes. I've always been a fan of the British prog rock band, but I only saw them once live, and that was the tour for "90125," which also happens to be the zip code I moved from last. This tour was minus Steve Howe, which still depresses me. Instead we had Trevor Rabin on lead guitar. In my humble opinion, Rabin wasn't qualified to carry Steve Howe's guitar case. Other than that the show was entertaining in a pop music sort of way. The "90125" album is infectious, but is closer in musicality to the band Asia -- which included Steve Howe and Carl Palmer in their lineup oddly enough -- than to the heady progressive melodies of Yes.

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