Monday, December 7, 2009

Status Report

As I type this it's not quite midnight. My son is sound asleep in the other room, and if I know what's good for me, I'll be asleep soon too. It was a very slow day at work today, but it was also bitterly cold. I would think if anybody had any sense (and a fireplace wouldn't be bad either) they would be safely ensconced in their humble little abodes. My boss actually rode his bike to work today! He admitted that he was questioning his sanity on the ride. It's unusually cold for this part of the state. Of course, we set temperature records for heat over the summer. One of the symptoms of global warming is wild fluctuations in temperature. Look it up Sarah Palin.

One of the heaters in my apartment decided to go on strike over the weekend. Being that my humble abode is three-quarters under the earth, butted up against the underground parking; if the heat is not working, it's gets cold fast in here. Just as I was mid-search for the landlord's number, I decided to turn the thermostat up once more just for the heck of it. The heater came on, blowing out hot air into the room. That's not to say I didn't have any heat over the weekend. There is another heater in the hallway, but it was working constantly, because the other wasn't. I thought that one might quit too, for having to work so much overtime.

My new computer is scheduled to arrive on Friday. That means I'll have all look at the box sitting in the living room, while I'm taking care of my son. I probably will not even bother to open it until Sunday afternoon. And then there is the transfer process. This will take a while. Then comes lightning fast speed...fingers crossed.

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