Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Newsflash: Chest Pains Spoil Rush's Vacation

I saw a headline today that made me want to jump up and down with glee. When you hear what the headline was, you'll think I'm a heartless son of a bitch, who has obviously forgotten major portions of his Buddhist training. Here's the headline: "Rush Limbaugh admitted to Honolulu hospital." Now, my first thought was that this is the same corpulent rich bastard that hoped for President Obama to fail. Am I allowed to hope for Limbaugh's heart to fail? His spokesman, Kit Carson(?), said that "Limbaugh appreciates people's prayers and well-wishes." This is the same cowardly piece of putrescence that didn't serve his country in Vietnam, because he had an anal cyst. I'll refrain from making the obvious jokes.

I can imagine right wing bloggers (tea bloggers?) exhibiting outrage (tantrums), at any joy the left may take in an event that might take Rush Limbaugh out of the limelight. Here is a man who broadcasts hate and lies from his palatial mansion in Miami for a living, and we're supposed to treat him with loving kindness? Maybe if I was a monk, with my saffron robe and begging bowl, then maybe I could treat men like Rush Limbaugh and Dick Cheney with compassion. Until then when I see that they are in the hospital with chest pains I think: "They brought it on themselves getting all worked up spreading hate and dissent."

I used to believe that there was good in everybody, but some of the extreme ideologues on the right have without a doubt erased that earnest belief of mine. The hateful lies that these rich media talking heads spew is almost laughable except for the fact that there are some very willfully ignorant people out there who believe the lies with reckless abandon. Who but the insane would side with the insurance companies during this whole health care debacle? Why would anyone in the working class vote for a party that consistently rejects any increase in the minimum wage? It's that whole What's the Matter With Kansas? thing.

This minority of willfully ignorant people also happen to be very adept at getting their faces on television by being loud and obnoxious. Television, and now Internet media, is very powerful and manipulative. The public is lead to believe that these so called "tea baggers" exist in greater numbers than they actually do. These are the kind of people that you're never going to run into at your local library. Glenn Beck's viewers are not likely to read the original Common Sense by Thomas Paine, but instead they'll digest Beck's warped interpretation of history. I'll never understand the right's continued disdain for college graduates and people of high intellect. I guess it does make sense when your goal is to keep the masses willfully ignorant.

Well, that's my political/social rant for the night. Limbaugh's admittance to the hospital is what got me started. A few other comments on that note: It was recently reported that Limbaugh was engaged to be married for the fourth time. The photo of the proverbial happy couple showed a shapely blonde named Kate Rogers, who is a party planner. No kidding...a party planner. She is 32 and the Porcine king of right wing talk radio is 58. Only 26 years years difference. I'm sure that they have a lot in common though.

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work if it is not open." - A quote attributed to Frank Zappa. I wish Frank was here to give us his commentary on Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. Smart people are not often give the microphone in this day of "reality TV" and Fox "News." I leave you with a video of Frank Zappa from 1987 on CNN's Crossfire. He looks a little bored being the only smart person on a panel of ignorant buffoons.

Oh yeah. Get well soon Rush Limbaugh. Best wishes.

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