Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December What?

Another big money night at the bookstore. I mourn for the loss of other independent bookstores that have closed in the past year (R.I.P. Baily-Coy,) but I sure am happy to see Ravenna Third Place doing so well. The Ravenna neighborhood is very dedicated to us, but we also draw from many other areas. Locals always bring their out-of-town visitors in to show off their favorite bookstore. I guess I'm showing my pride.

I had a good morning with my son. He awoke early and wanted to watch "The Lady and the Tramp." I was able to doze a little longer, while he watched the animated canines cavorting. Soon it was requested that I make breakfast: "Yogurt, oatmeal, waffles and juice." Of course, he wasn't hungry enough to eat all that he requested, but he had good intentions.

Later on in the morning we made a trip to QFC to pick up a few necessities: laundry detergent and shampoo for daddy; and snacks for Justin. Justin and I have enjoyed a tradition of snacking at a local baseball field. We sit on the bleachers, and then Justin starts directing. "Daddy, you move over there. No. Over there!" Okay. All right already. Maybe he'll be in management when he grows up.

After lunching at Red Robin (where else?) we headed to the local hardware store. Justin is going through his flashlight stage. Don't all boys go through their flashlight stage? Anyway, he likes to play with his flashlight at bedtime, and often I need to pry it from his fingers after he's asleep and turn it off. Well, recently his cheap Spiderman flashlight bit the dust. We found out on a day that he wanted to bring it with him to Red Robin. He told me that he needed it to "watch the girl eating macaroni and cheese." He seemed to have this fantasy, or maybe it was a dream he had, about using his flashlight at Red Robin to watch some girl eat her macaroni and cheese. His light wasn't working (thankfully), so we didn't bring it in. But he repeated his intention once we were seated at a booth. He even pointed in a certain direction like he had it all planned out.

Anyway,we stopped at the hardware store, and bought a nice little blue flashlight for him. He can use it to do his peeping.

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