Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sigh of Relief

I'm back home at my apartment, after spending three consecutive nights at my ex-wife's house. Yes, I can emotionally and legally now call it her house. It's also where Justin spends most of his days. I would love to have him over at my apartment more, but at the house he has the benefit of a big backyard, and his own spacious bedroom. As it stands now, he'll be spending every Monday, Friday and Saturday night at my place. That officially starts this Friday, and we celebrate by taking the train to Portland on Saturday morning. Justin will love the train ride, and then once down there we'll play it by ear. I've heard that the aquarium is worth checking out, and then there's always Powell's...

The 40% off sale at the bookstore over the weekend was a big success. It was 40% off all used books. We have this sale concurrently with the Lake Forest Park store twice a year, Spring and Fall. It gives us a chance to clean out our stock a little, which is good, because we buy used books from customers every day, 10 to 6. I'm a Monday through Friday employee, so I didn't get to enjoy the book buying excitement. I was having fun all weekend though, spending Saturday at the FFRF convention, and Sunday in the company of my best friend, which is how I intend spending all my Sundays.

The clothes dryer is tumbling away in the background. I'm sitting here eating pretzel nuggets (or should I say "sourdough nibblers"), and drinking an iced tea. It's been a tiring past few days: working, caring for Justin, and putting the last of my items from the house in storage. I could probably collapse into a dreamless sleep instantly, but I think I'll stay up for a bit, and enjoy being back in my own personal space.

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