Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday is Made for...

The beginning of another work week. This is the season for many new titles at the bookstore, but one I don't think we'll be unpacking this week is the new hate fest by Sarah Palin. Her, and her Gestapo clad buddy Herr Glenn Beck, can go sell their wares at Wal*Mart for super low prices to the unwashed and uneducated. I will stand on the sidelines and watch her crash and burn. The book is not even out until tomorrow, but already the lies are starting to seep into the headlines.

I'm still trying to figure out my own mind, before my demise. This weekend at Powell's I bought such books as Consciousness: A Very Short Introduction by Susan Blackmore; Mindsight: Image, Dream, Meaning by Colin McGinn; The Rediscovery of the Mind by John R. Searle; and Mindfucking by Colin McGinn. These are all titles that I've been desiring for a few years. Most of them are short discounts, or university press titles, or both. That translates to mean that even if I had ordered them through Ravenna Third Place I probably wouldn't have gotten my traditional 40% discount. Besides, I couldn't resist buying the books once I set my eyes upon them on the shelf. My goal this week is to resist buying any books. I should be able to restrain myself for at least one week. At least until I get the overflow in my apartment safely stored in one of my closets.

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