Friday, October 2, 2009

Wasn't I Just Here?

The weekend has arrived again. This translates into one more evening of work. Friday night at the bookstore, and there is a light drizzle in the air. It's hard to predict whether the store will be busy today, or not. Sometimes the rain keeps the customers away. Personally, on any rainy day I'd rather stay home and read the books I have on hand, rather than go shopping, but I can certainly understand the need for new books. I brought home three new books last night. At the end of my shift I will be heading north to "the house" to care for Justin until Sunday afternoon. I slept in today, knowing that I would not get that opportunity again this weekend.

A week from today, my wife and I will be attending our last session with the mediator to finalize all necessary paperwork in order to dissolve our marriage. The divorce will be final at least fourteen days from the date of filing. We have had to write up many contingencies in case our working relationship ever "goes south." Not being a big fan of "the south," I'd like to avoid that direction if at all possible. It's no fun, sitting in a corner office with a view of the Olympics, and coming up with which of the parents will have Justin on Christmas, New Years, and St. Swithun's Day. It's also a little disheartening to hear the woman you've loved and lived with for over 14 years declare that she will donate any of my belongings still at the house after 30 days. Ah well...there is more life to be lived waiting in the wings.

There is a picnic tomorrow at the co-op, where Justin attends three days a week. It appears that the weather may frown upon that activity. My only concern is what to bring to this potluck. I suppose that I could choose a recipe tonight, and try and throw something together before it starts. Or I could take the lazy route and pick up something at the grocery store. I'm sure that if I brought a big bucket of "Nemo fish" Justin would be more than satisfied.

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