Wednesday, October 7, 2009

No Time

I just do not have the time to write about the things I'd like to cover tonight. I got home from work at about 10:30 pm. I decided to finish reading The Mysterious Flame, since I had less than thirty pages to go. I've also been going through fiction withdrawal, so I was ready to close off the heavy thinking, and move on to some escapist fare. I'm not sure how The Intuitionist is going to fill that need. My guess is that it's the type of novel that writers admire, which doesn't always translate to readers in the general public. I've heard raves and I've heard "pretentious!" I'll have to make my own literary judgements when I'm through.

I've love to have time to jot down my feelings about the moon. Yes, that's right...the moon. There is something magical about the moon in the fall and winter months. It's more significant in the sky, larger and brighter. There was some smattering of fall colors over the past few weeks, but a recent brisk wind has caused their downfall. Soon the long season of darkness will begin.

No time left to discuss music, or movies, or telepathic lizards. Just enough time to..

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