Sunday, October 11, 2009

Death to Nostalgia

I survived the mediation meeting on Friday morning. We did manage to finish all necessary paperwork, and were out of the office ten minutes early, which was not bad, considering that we showed up ten minutes late. We were pausing outside of the office before beckoning an elevator, when Jen realized that she had only reported half of her income. She had mistakenly given the amount on her bi-weekly pay stub as her monthly amount. That made the disparity in our incomes that much more glaring, and my chance of having my necessitated payments reduced by one hundred dollars that much more likely.

I loathe hindsight, and nostalgia. Events passed are already blurry within my memory cells. Even photographs lie. A mere momentary smile in amongst a lifetime of grimaces. Looking forward seems just as futile. The horizon is unknown to me, and forever out of reach.

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