Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School

Here's a thought: if you're not blessed with a shapely ass, then maybe you shouldn't wear tight pants that emphasize your lack in that bodily area. Just a thought that crossed my mind, as I sat and ate lunch in Jalisco's and noticed that high school was back in session. Please don't write me off as a dirty old man for noticing what is plainly put on display.

Work has been well, besides the fact that I cannot go a week without purchasing at least a half-dozen books. I think I've already reached my quota this week. Tonight I finished reading Losing My Religion by William Lobdell, and it was inspiring in an atheistic kind of way. I already have my next book planned: The Tenant by Roland Topor. I read it over twenty years ago, but I recently decided to make it my latest featured "staff pick" at Ravenna Third Place, and I feel obligated to reread it, so that I can give it an honest review. I may not have felt that way, if the book wasn't so short (137 pages.) The book was made into a film by none other than Roman Polanski, and he took the unusual step of playing the feature role. I plan on re-watching the film as soon I finish the book.

Tomorrow night I will be back at the house (even though I'm not exactly welcome there) to watch over Justin until I leave for work on Thursday. This is an extra duty this week, because my wife is still making up time for her trip to Ohio. I found out tonight that I will be overseeing the care of another toddler on Thursday morning, Justin's friend August. I almost feel that this addition will make my job a little easier, because they can entertain each other, while I stand on the sidelines and make sure nobody plays with matches, or tries to drink anti-freeze.

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