Friday, August 28, 2009


Thank god it's finally Friday! (I'm in no way devout, so I'll just use the little "g" for the god guy.) Friday means this is my last night at work for a few days. It also means that I'll get to hang out with my son until Sunday afternoon. That's always a good thing. It also means that I'll soon get to re-connect with the owner of a certain pink robe that's hanging in my closet. I've been going through withdrawal ever since she left for parts unknown a week ago. But I refuse to get all gushy on a public blog.

Last night I finished the new novel by Dan Chaon, Await Your Reply. It's an excellent psychological novel that reads like a dark thriller with plot elements coalescing at the very end. I highly recommend it, and I'll be "staff picking" it at work. Next book up is Losing My Religion by Bob Lobdell. I'm reading it in anticipation of seeing him speak at this year's FFRF convention in Seattle. I also plan on getting my copy signed. One man's celebrity is another man's "who the fuck it that?"

Well, as always, my time is limited. I need to throw a few things together for the weekend with Justin before I leave for work. The sun is out, and it's also shining in my heart, and take my word for it: that's a recent development in the state of my emotional weather.

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