Monday, August 24, 2009

A Brief Respite

I actually have more time at home this morning, because I went grocery shopping last night. For lunch I have the choice of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a Tofurky sandwich. Either sandwich would be accompanied by peppercorn and ranch flavored Sun Chips (they're multi-grain!) and a cold ice tea. Having more time has given me the opportunity to update my checkbook (always important) and to post a blog on my religion and politics page. Tonight I will be staying at the house with Justin, so I need to pack a few things before leaving for work. Lately, I've been over there more than my own place, so I've begun the habit of taking some dirty laundry along with me. The only problem with that is that I usually end up finishing the loads that are already filling the washer and dryer. I also usually pick up the dog poop in the backyard, so that neither Justin and I step in it while we're running about.

I still plan on giving myself some time before work to read a chapter or two in Await Your Reply. I'm planning on reading Losing My Religion next, because I will be hearing the author speak in November. I want to have my copy signed and it would be nice if I've read it by then. I also need some inspiration for my freethinking mind. (If you are one of the close-minded types you can open your hymnal to #43, and begin to sing "Please God, don't smite me, or spoil my crops today.")

I've had my emotional ups and downs lately. How else is one to react when they are informed by their soon-to-be ex-wife that she will be changing the locks on the house next month. It's no fun being treated like a pariah. Especially when I need to maintain contact in order to be a good father to my son. The big divorce date is less than a month away. Maybe I should start chilling the champagne now? Or maybe I should just hunker down and be thankful for the wonderful elements now integrated within my existence. Right now I'm missing one of those wonderful elements. I only have a pink robe in my closet to remind of her until she comes back to town.

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