Friday, August 28, 2009


Thank god it's finally Friday! (I'm in no way devout, so I'll just use the little "g" for the god guy.) Friday means this is my last night at work for a few days. It also means that I'll get to hang out with my son until Sunday afternoon. That's always a good thing. It also means that I'll soon get to re-connect with the owner of a certain pink robe that's hanging in my closet. I've been going through withdrawal ever since she left for parts unknown a week ago. But I refuse to get all gushy on a public blog.

Last night I finished the new novel by Dan Chaon, Await Your Reply. It's an excellent psychological novel that reads like a dark thriller with plot elements coalescing at the very end. I highly recommend it, and I'll be "staff picking" it at work. Next book up is Losing My Religion by Bob Lobdell. I'm reading it in anticipation of seeing him speak at this year's FFRF convention in Seattle. I also plan on getting my copy signed. One man's celebrity is another man's "who the fuck it that?"

Well, as always, my time is limited. I need to throw a few things together for the weekend with Justin before I leave for work. The sun is out, and it's also shining in my heart, and take my word for it: that's a recent development in the state of my emotional weather.

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Brief Respite

I actually have more time at home this morning, because I went grocery shopping last night. For lunch I have the choice of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or a Tofurky sandwich. Either sandwich would be accompanied by peppercorn and ranch flavored Sun Chips (they're multi-grain!) and a cold ice tea. Having more time has given me the opportunity to update my checkbook (always important) and to post a blog on my religion and politics page. Tonight I will be staying at the house with Justin, so I need to pack a few things before leaving for work. Lately, I've been over there more than my own place, so I've begun the habit of taking some dirty laundry along with me. The only problem with that is that I usually end up finishing the loads that are already filling the washer and dryer. I also usually pick up the dog poop in the backyard, so that neither Justin and I step in it while we're running about.

I still plan on giving myself some time before work to read a chapter or two in Await Your Reply. I'm planning on reading Losing My Religion next, because I will be hearing the author speak in November. I want to have my copy signed and it would be nice if I've read it by then. I also need some inspiration for my freethinking mind. (If you are one of the close-minded types you can open your hymnal to #43, and begin to sing "Please God, don't smite me, or spoil my crops today.")

I've had my emotional ups and downs lately. How else is one to react when they are informed by their soon-to-be ex-wife that she will be changing the locks on the house next month. It's no fun being treated like a pariah. Especially when I need to maintain contact in order to be a good father to my son. The big divorce date is less than a month away. Maybe I should start chilling the champagne now? Or maybe I should just hunker down and be thankful for the wonderful elements now integrated within my existence. Right now I'm missing one of those wonderful elements. I only have a pink robe in my closet to remind of her until she comes back to town.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I feel like I am being punished for some unnamed sin. My wife was in Ohio last weekend (Friday through Monday) for training on some veterinary equipment, and naturally I was called upon to care for Justin in her absence. Then she comes back and works two extra days this week, and I am called upon once again to care for my son. I would do anything for my son, but I am quite tired of my schedule being directly tied into my (soon to be ex-) wife's schedule. My life had always been ruled by her over-activity, and because we have a child together, my life will continue to be tied to her schedule until Justin is out of the house. No rest for the wicked? I could go on and on, but I have to leave for work. Thankfully, I have tonight free, but I have to arise early to attend a mandatory parent seminar at the Seattle court. This is required for any couple going through the divorce procedure. I don't necessarily have a problem with that requirement. I just wish that some higher power (are you listening Big Al?) could grant me a weekend off. Ah well. We are in charge of our own lives, and have to live with the choices we make.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Julie and Julia and Dan

In honor of the new film "Julie and Julia" here is a blast from the past.

No Time for the Weary

All I want and need is some time to read. Some time to take a breath once in a while. Being on the 2 pm to 10:30 pm shift at the bookstore not only puts a cramp in my social life, but seems to severely limit my leisure time. I end up staying up until 2 in the morning most nights after work, just to give me some time to de-stress at the end of the day.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Belated Fathers Day Picture

Justin and I attended a Mariners game on Fathers Day. Or maybe I should say that Justin went to Safeco Field to eat, and there happened to be a baseball game going on. Not only did he score cotton candy, but there was a young girl in front of him that had a big supply, including Gummi bears and lollipops. She kindly shared some of her sugary stash with Justin and he crashed about the 7th inning. He was asleep ten minutes into the ride home.

Reading Habits

I have given up trying to read A Drunkard's Walk for the time being. Maybe I'll tackle it at a later date. Right now I need a literary distraction, and short stories about people, whose lives are much worse off than mine, seems to be doing the trick. Who Do You Love contains characters living desperate lives, who get themselves in trouble accidentally on purpose, and at the end seem headed down the same road, but with a glimmer of hope. Then again maybe "hope" is just another four-letter word to some of them.

I had given myself the pleasurable assignment of reading six consecutive novels, before going back to reading nonfiction again. For years I almost solely read fiction, except for a periodic book about nature, or Buddhism. I read a combination of literary fiction, science fiction, and mysteries. In the past few years my interest in science and philosophy has been reignited, and I've enjoyed some great books in those fields. Eye opening works like The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, Life Itself: Exploring the Realm of the Cell by Boyce Rensberger, The Third Chimpanzee by Jared Diamond, and many more. I'm particularly interested in philosophy, and consciousness, and enjoy authors like Daniel Dennett, Colin McGinn, and Thomas Nagel. Some of these authors have differing views (even to the point of feuding), but part of the excitement is exploring those differences as a reader and attempting to find one's own position.

As much as I'd like to try and figure out my own head by reading books by other thinkers, right now I believe I'd better benefit by reading something compelling, and possibly a little escapist. Believe it or not, reading books about people going through divorce, among other stressful and sad fare, seems to help distract me from my own Summer of Transition. My own divorce will be final sometime late next month. (I haven't memorized the date yet.) I'm a little too distracted to concentrate on heavy philosophy texts, or unfamiliar science. I'd rather read about guys getting postcards from their dead mothers (Erased); or a drunken college professor almost determined to lose his first year position (Lucky Jim); or even about a middle-aged man losing his telepathic abilities in addition to his hair (Dying Inside) then to try and get my head around something more complex right now.