Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sunshine Dreams

It's not that I hate my job already, but on sunny Seattle days like today I want nothing more than to be lounging outside somewhere, reading a good book. That is paradise to me. Instead I will do my duty by selling books, so that others may enjoy that precious Seattle sunshine.

I'm realizing that when I arise at 11 a.m. I'm not left with much free time before work. I've had time to clean the kitchen, and run the clothes washer, but as far as having the time to read the last thirty pages of Erase...nope, not enough time for leisure activities like that.

After work I'll have the pleasure of returning to my own abode, instead of driving to Jen's house to relieve the babysitter. Lately, there have been times at night when I open my eyes in the dark, wondering whether I'm at my apartment, or in the guest bed at the house. It takes me a few minutes, listening for sounds of Justin, or wondering whether Jen is sleeping off her work night upstairs before I can get my inner GPS working and figure out where I am.

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